Core Issues

We must unite together on those issues that are the foundation of our freedoms and work together to reinstate them as our safeguards. We must put aside any other more personal issues upon which we may disagree until the greater good for all is accomplished.

Core issues are:

1. Stop and reverse the growth of government. This involves the cessation of the intrusion of government into the private sector through bailouts and its ensuing blackmail; the reversal of planned deficits that have already been signed into law; the recognition that the financial future of the country is at risk and that the answers will only be found through the sustainable growth of American free enterprise rather than the unsustainable growth of government programs.

2. Stop the loss of sovereignty through globalization. The United States of America must remain entirely distinct and sovereign in its dealings with the rest of the world. This includes its borders, currency and citizenship. All forms of multi-national treaties, commissions and courts that have the power to lessen the liberties and opportunities of American citizens and businesses through the policies of non-elected multi-national bodies must be eliminated. The power of the government of the United States is vested in "We The People" and that political fact must be restored, preserved and held sacred.

3. Develop energy independence from foreign oil. We have the resources and technology to make America fully independent of foreign oil. Our purchases of foreign oil simply serve to transfer our wealth and surrender our jobs and national security. The false concept of "cap and trade" is exactly the wrong strategy to implement for it accomplishes three negative effects. Cap and trade will 1) drive up our costs of energy, 2) cause the loss of more American jobs, and 3) increase our dependence of foreign oil. America can and must change its direction concerning energy independence. Energy independence is not only urgently is totally within our reach.

4. Secure our borders for national security and economic reasons. It is imperative that the borders of the United States are secured and that a zero tolerance policy is taken in regard to illegal immigration. This would include establishing total control over the borders with much more severe consequences for all transgressors. There would also be a mandated cooperation of Mexico in ceasing its unofficial policy of encouraging and supporting illegal immigration. The granting of citizenship to babies born to illegal immigrants must be challenged. This "anchor baby" strategy of staying in the United States must be legally eliminated. Also, the federal unfunded mandates to the states to provide services to illegal immigrants must also be reversed. The citizens of the states are no longer able to absorb the exorbitant costs associated with providing these many benefits to illegal aliens.

5. Re-enthrone self-reliance as a guiding principle for governments, businesses and families. The government must cease in its continuing effort to buy the votes of its citizens by promoting policies that first weaken the economy and the ability of its citizens to prosper, only to then offer programs to the citizens to make them more dependent on the government for their continued survival. The government must return to its original role of protecting its citizens and allowing them the fruit of their labor. Citizens and their businesses must have the freedom to succeed or fail. The free market must be made free again and individuals must be held accountable to take advantage of the opportunities and freedoms of this great country or suffer the consequences of their decisions and actions.

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