The Economy

The biggest problem with the current economy is the continued meddling role of the federal government. Traditionally, the American economy has been based on free market forces. It is true that throughout our nation's history, the government has provided specific positive effects through legislation concerning monopolies, truth-in-lending, the FDA, and other issues. However, when the government asserts itself in such a manner as to displace the free market forces of risk, shareholder and creditor security, supply and demand and other foundational elements of the American economy, the result is an uncertainty that adversely affects businesses, investors, employees and consumers.

The current scope of the government's unconstitutional intrusion into American business is without precedent. The fact that the government is pursuing this course with unparalleled deficit spending makes the problem even worse. This fiscal folly not only tears at the financial fabric of the nation now and for future generations, but it also totally uproots the principle of self-reliance which has always been a major part of the foundation upon which this nation's citizens, businesses and governments have been built.

In today's "government knows best" approach to the economy, free market solutions and financial prudence are being ignored in order to:

  • promote a fear-based agenda of expanding the control of government in all facets of our economy
  • redistribute the wealth of this country to reward political allies and more firmly entrench the power of the existing political machine
  • make the citizens of this country more dependent on government programs
  • weaken the economic engine that made America the world's lone superpower

The continued pursuit of the current economic policies of record deficit spending, raising taxes and barriers on the creators of jobs and wealth, and expanding the socialization of this country by government intrusion and takeover of manufacturing, financial, medical, and any and all other industries or markets is exactly the wrong course. These incorrect policies will greatly increase the problems of unemployment, the decline of markets, the decline of the value of the dollar and the associated increase in prices of imported products—especially oil, and will be the major contributor to the large scale reduction in GDP and its associated tax revenues to all levels of government furthering the exacerbation of their respective financial problems.

We must restore the American economic engine to its original foundation and allow the "invisible hand" of the free market to once again thrive by removing the shackles of an enhanced government presence. By silencing the voice of government, the voice of American entrepreneurs, investors, and consumers will once again be heard and the economy will respond to real supply and demand forces. In this free market environment, the economy will find equilibrium and then enter into a period of sustained growth as it has done in the past when left unrestrained.

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