Illegal Immigration

First of all, illegal immigration is not a racial problem. It is, however, a major problem that is central to the survival of the country's sovereignty, education and health systems, law enforcement and prison systems, middle class, economic prosperity and political future. The United States must regain and maintain strict control of its borders and effectively deal with the illegal immigrants that currently reside in the country.

America needs to:

  • Secure the border immediately by strengthening the Border Patrol with all necessary resources
  • Require Mexico to more fully cooperate in border security and cease its unofficial policy of illegally exporting its citizens into the United States for financial gain
  • Deport all illegal immigrants with criminal records, activities or associations
  • Provide authority for all city, county, state and federal law enforcement personnel to verify legal status of those who are investigated or arrested for criminal activity
  • Require illegal immigrants to disclose their identity through their employers. Self-employed illegal immigrants must disclose their identity to their respective city hall. They will not be deported but will receive a one year temporary work visa that will be subject to being renewed.
  • Make certain that there will be no "pathway to citizenship" for any immigrants that entered the country illegally. In order for illegal immigrants to gain citizenship, they must return to their own country and follow the legal process
  • Perform a legal review regarding the citizenship of future children born to illegal immigrants. The "anchor baby" citizenship strategy to stay in the United States is an abuse of the intent of the Constitution
  • Reduce/Cease government financial support to illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants that have not disclosed their identity and do not have temporary work visas will no longer receive ant benefits for medical, welfare, educational or any other form of government assistance.

These policies provide a fair and firm approach to stop the growing problem of illegal immigration, to quickly deport all those that are damaging the country by either committing crimes or living at the taxpayers' expense, and to allow American businesses a flexible amount of time to evaluate their workers on temporary visas and make adjustments as required.

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