Constitutional Rights

These once-bedrock constitutional rights are under a very real, well-organized, deceptive, and vicious attack by a wide range of interests who seek to continually diminish the capacity of the citizens of this nation to provide for and protect themselves and their posterity. These attacks are being made manifest through:

  • The ever-growing encroachment of government into the personal and business affairs of its citizens
  • The role of activist judges legislating from the bench by implementing policies on issues that are contrary to the will of the people as evidenced by the courts overturning the laws enacted by the voters through the initiative process or by duly elected legislatures and the incorporation of foreign laws in the implementation of legal rulings
  • The continued deterioration of the general welfare and the liberty of its citizenry and their posterity through the undermining of the American free market economy and its capitalistic principles
  • The passage by congress of back-room legislation that has been hurriedly forced to a floor vote without being reviewed and debated or even read by its members and thereby denying the citizens their right to raise their collective voices to their duly elected representatives

Some of the more prominent specific rights that are under attack are:

  • Freedom of the press by denying reporters access to political leaders and activities
  • Freedom of the press by controlling the broadcast and print media message due to its ownership being politically aligned with the government
  • Freedom of speech by intimidating opposing views
  • Freedom of speech by attempting to control media through the so-called "Fairness Doctrine"
  • Freedom of the private ballot through changes in union rules
  • Freedom of gun ownership and usage through executive orders and treaties
  • Freedom of choice through government interference in "free" markets

These betrayals of our representatives to their sworn oaths to uphold the Constitution of the United States are a form of treason and must be swiftly and harshly dealt with through the removal of office of all of those involved.

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