Foreign Affairs

Since the United States is the only, although waning, superpower and the largest economy in the world, nearly every major policy decision made by the United States has a large impact on other countries. Based upon the wide range of severe problems currently facing the United States and the world, the United States must stop its pandering to global solutions at the expense of itself and its citizens. America must pursue a determined course of what is best for America...for a strong America is what is best for the world.

The United States must cease its continued descent toward becoming unable to control its own future as evidenced by being more and more subservient to non-elected, faceless, and global-oriented special interests, such as American based international businesses, foreign governments and trade associations, and multi-national organizations. The government of the United States reports to "We The People" and it is the responsibility of our elected officials to make certain that the future of the country is secured for its citizens and following generations.

Therefore, the foreign policy principles that must underlie all of our decisions and actions are:

  • Protect the security, sovereignty, and economy of the United States
  • Protect the citizens of the United States and their rights throughout the world
  • Promote the cause of liberty, the rule of law, and human rights throughout the world
  • Review and confirm only those treaties and agreements with other countries that are in the best interest of the United States
  • Strengthen relationships and commerce with those countries that support American principles
  • Provide incentives to and reduce commerce with those countries that do not support American principles

America must pursue a variety of firm courses with the various nations of the world. Each of these unique courses will have an underlying foundation that is based on America's founding principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. By so doing, America will regain its position of moral leadership. By setting the example and sending a clear and strong message of freedom and fairness, America will reclaim its unparalleled heritage of assisting other free and open nations and providing the opportunity to improve their standard of living and national security.

To those nations that pose a threat to the United States and restrict the freedoms of their own citizens and/or participate in the violation of human rights in their own or other countries, America will use its powers to provide strong incentives for those nations to change their course.

America must stand tall for what it believes in even if that means it must stand alone.

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