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Use the state drop down menu and review the voting record chart of your representatives in Congress. The information table will point out the new members of Congress, show which Senators are up for election or retiring in 2012, how many terms and years all members of Congress have served, and most importantly, how they have voted on specific legislation that was extremely detrimental to our liberties and well-being. A "Yes" in the column for the following subjects is contrary to the best interests of the country. The mark "---" denotes that the member was not in office at the time of the vote.

The legislation selected for review consists of:

Since each of these four issues is individually dangerous to our liberties, a "Yes" for just one of them justifies the removal from congress of that representative.

Further, you will note in the chart that any member of Congress who has served over 15 years is to be reviewed for removal from congress even if they correctly voted against all of the bills. This is due to the fact that they have had more than sufficient time when they were in the majority to prevent or solve the financial, energy, and immigration problems that have continued to the present. Therefore, in the performance of their responsibilities, they have either been unable, unwilling, or incompetent to do their job. Thus, it may well be time for them to be replaced with new blood that will solve these problems and implement the will of the people when given the opportunity to do so.

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