Each of us lives in our own home in our various communities. It is in our homes that we enjoy the fullest expression of our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. There are several factors that allow us to enjoy these rights with little interference. These factors are:

  • Very clear and defined property lines
  • Our ability to protect our home with whatever level of security we feel appropriate
  • Our ability to define our "house rules" and apply them to family members, friends and visitors as we see fit

It is important to note, that regardless of how close or how trusting we are with our neighbors, we control our property and access to it. Further, our "house rules" are determined by us—not by a community council.

It seems that these common sense rules that are applied by Americans every day in their personal lives are somehow not wise to apply to our common home—America. Currently, the sovereignty of the United States is under attack by internal and external forces in an effort to diminish our power and ability to control and maintain our borders and the laws by which we will be governed.

In order to protect the sovereignty of the United States for this and future generations, we must make certain that:

  • The Constitution will continue to be the supreme law of the land and not subject to interpretation based on foreign laws or activist judges
  • Americans and their businesses will not be subject to regulations made by multi-national bodies created through treaties
  • Americans will not be subject to any new taxation that will benefit international organizations or foreign countries, whether that taxation is paid directly by the people or by the government that represents them
  • The dollar will remain the only currency of the United States
  • The control of the borders of the United States will be kept absolutely intact
  • U. S. citizenship and visas will not be expanded to any larger group, such as the North American Union, nor will foreign citizens have their citizenship and visas expanded through legislation to allow them free access to the United States
  • The trade agreements that are in effect will be reviewed and modified as required to ensure that "Free Trade" is "Fair Trade" and in the best interest of the citizens of the United States

The United States of America must fully maintain its sovereignty and remain separate and distinct as it resides in a community of nations. It must maintain the integrity of its laws, borders, monetary system and all other founding principles of its society.

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